When you hear “Goldendoodle,” you might expect to see a golden dog. Actually, Goldendoodle colors are more complicated than that. The “Golden” in “Goldendoodles” refers to the Golden Retriever. A Goldendoodle is a designer breed of dog, created with Poodles and Golden Retrievers. The term isn’t about the dog’s color at all.

So what are the Goldendoodle colors? Here’s a sampling of the most common Goldendoodle colors.


The beautiful pups in the picture above are examples of Apricot Goldendoodles.  This beautiful shade comes from the Golden Retriever heritage of the Goldendoodle. An apricot puppy may get a bit paler as he or she grows older, but the pretty golden coloring is characteristic of Apricot Goldendoodles.


Some Goldendoodles have a dark enough auburn shade to be called Red. This is one of the most popular Goldendoodle colors.


The Cream or English Cream Goldendoodle is a standout. We have several Cream colored Goldendoodles here at Platinum Goldies, so we often have Cream puppies.  The picture below is a baby picture (or puppy picture!) of our beautiful Laurie. She’s AKC registered and now that she’s grown up, she has the most beautiful puppies!


Black Goldendoodles are beautiful and dramatic looking dogs.  They’re Goldendoodles through and through, with the same intelligence and affectionate disposition. Like other Goldendoodles, they are low shedding dogs, too.

It’s complicated.

Sometimes Goldendoodles have colors like Chocolate, Silver, and White. They may also have patterns of multiple colors. Some of these patterns have names. For example, a Goldendoodle with more than 50% white fur and another color of fur as well may be called  a Parti Goldendoodle.

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You never know ahead of time exactly what colors you’ll see in the pups from a forthcoming litter. And that means you may have lots of choices when you come to pick your perfect Goldendoodle puppy.

goldendoodle puppies

It’s all part of what makes your Goldendoodle such a special individual. Call us today to meet your perfect Goldendoodle puppy!