How can a goldendoodle change your life?

How can a goldendoodle change your life?

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Many people may wonder “how can a goldendoodle really change a life”… Well, here at Platinum Goldies we see it and believe in it everyday. Goldendoodles are such sweet and versatile dogs. The breed of a goldendoodle has the charm and kind eyes of the golden retriever and the brains and beauty of a poodle. This breed is one that when given a chance can really change your life. We hand raise our puppies at Platinum Goldies therefore they come to our customers pre-spoiled and loved, which makes transitions easy! Goldendoodles are a house-hold pet, meaning, they are easily trained and easy to love. We have more than a handful of puppies that have been through obedience camps and therapeutic training. These pups are very smart and willing to please and who doesn’t want a dog that has those characteristics? We know for a fact that a goldendoodle will change your life too, because they are not just a “dog” they turn into “little people” and you end up taking them everywhere you go! They are there for you when you get home, they are there to eat your left overs, they are there when noone else is… Goldendoodles are really the most loving and compassionate breed around. I dare to you to give this breed a chance and see if a goldendoodle puppy will change your life too! xoxo Doodle kisses and Hugs! 

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