Are you not sure about the goldendoodle breed?

Are you not sure about the goldendoodle breed?

Joe-Goldendoodle Puppies

(Mr. Joe is available for a forever home) Visit our page “Available Puppies” to see what puppies are ready now!

Well, hello there friends! We have been MIA for a few weeks on our post, BUT that is fixing to change! We get tons of calls and questions about “goldendoodles”. We get questions like; “Do they shed?”, “How much do they weight?”, “How are they with children?”…. These questions are all great questions to ask when considering adding a goldendoodle to your family! We would love to answer some of these questions for you guys today! “Do they shed?”- Goldendoodles are very low-to-non-shedding dogs. Depending on the breed you get, you will see the difference in the coat and the shedding. We raise F1, F1b’s, and F1 minis. The “non” shedding is the F1b- because it is 3/4 poodle, however, the f1 1/2 retriever, 1/2 poodle is very low shedding. On to the next qustion; “How much do they weight?”- We raise standards and minis. The standards typically weigh around 55-65 lbs. The minis typically weigh around 20-35 lbs (depending on their parents). And now to the last questions; “How are they with children?”- Goldendoodles are super trainable and sweet. They are great for children and we have had 4 of our super stars turn out to be therapy dogs for children and adults with disabilities These dogs are great for anyone or any age! After reading are you still thinking “I want to know MORE about this awesome breed”? Well, if you’re still wanting more information about our goldendoodles give the experts a call at 501-514-1026. Mindy or Lynsey would be glad to help you out with any questions you may have! Have a great day and remember only 2  more days until a long weekend! You can do it! 🙂


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