Golden Doodles of Instagram

Golden Doodles of Instagram

Golden Doodles are super photogenic, so it’s no wonder that their families can’t resist showing off on Instagram!

F1 Golden Doodle Copper Mack, shown in the photo above, is sort of our Instagram mascot! We always love to keep up with our wonderful Golden Doodle puppies after they go to their forever homes. Copper Mack lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with his awesome family, and shares his exploits on Instagram at @cmackadoodle.

Our Instagram channel is PlatinumGoldies. We share plenty of pictures, including lots of snaps of the new Golden Doodles puppies we have ready to go home with you!

Check out lots of Platinum Goldies Golden Doodles at #PlatinumGoldies! Some of the most popular kinds of puppy pictures at Instagram:

  • Pictures of Golden Doodles when they were puppies and now, showing how they’ve grown!
  • Golden Doodles with their people, getting and giving big hugs
  • Play pictures, showing people hiking or boating or just rolling around with their pups
  • Golden Doodle pups with props — we can’t believe how creative their families get!
  • Pups in goofy poses, because there’s something completely irresistible about Golden Doodles getting goofy!

Golden Doodles are natural Instagram stars, because they’re playful, companionable, and cute. This temperament is one of the reasons that this designer dog breed is becoming so popular as a family pet or companion dog. Golden Doodles are bred with the best characteristics of poodles and Golden Retrievers. That means they’re smart and less likely to shed or trigger allergies. They’re also very laid back, affectionate, and ready to play. These characteristics make them great pets, and they also make for excellent pictures.

We think our puppies are always the cutest! But if you just can’t get enough Golden Doodles, check out these hashtags, too:

  • #ARdoodles
  • #arkansasdoodles
  • #goldendoodlesofinstagram
  • #doodle
  • #doodlelove
  • #instadoodle
  • #doodlelovers
  • #goldendoodle
  • #doodleselfie
  • #doodlesunited
  • #goldendoodlepuppy

Did we forget your favorite Instagram channel or hashtag with Golden Doodles? Let us know in the comments below!

Ready to bring home a Golden Doodle? Our beautiful, hand-raised Golden Doodle puppies are healthy and friendly. Check out our available puppies and call us at 501-514-1026 to find your perfect Golden Doodle pet.

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