Getting the perfect Goldendoodle Puppy

Getting the perfect Goldendoodle Puppy

Have you been looking to add a Goldendoodle Puppy to your life? If so, the girls at Platinum Goldendoodles are here to help you out.  We have been raising this amazing breed for several years. It’ s kinda crazy to think how it all got started, but here it goes. About 8 years ago after falling in love with the amazing personality and overall look of the Goldendoodle, I took a leap of faith and decided to start raising a few on my own. Now, keep in mind I was  a single Mom at the time, so it wasn’t an easy task. Having a Bachelors degree in Agriculture and studying in the Animal Science field in college only added to my success and aloud me to actually put some of those hard college hours to good use. Over time, I have continued to learn about the breed,  adding top quality AKC parents and raising some of my own Moms from puppies.

As the business continued to prosper and grow, I added on a few partners to help me with the work load and with the blessings of the good Lord, here we are. Platinum Goldendoodles has a huge following on facebook and instagram #platinumgoldies, so social media has played a big roll in helping our business grow. One of the few things we do a little different here at Platinum Goldies is we usually wait a little longer before we take pictures of our puppies. There are a couple reasons for this, one we feel it gives our clients a better idea of what the puppies actually look like and two we get the opportunity to learn a little more about their personalities. This always helps if we have someone looking for a certain temperament or look.

So, if you having been searching for a Goldendoodle to add to your life, give us a call or shoot us a message, we would be glad to help you find the perfect puppy. We usually either have puppies available or have some that will be available soon, depending on our breeding schedule.

Below are a few that we currently have ready and available now. All of our puppies come up to date with all their shots and a 2 year health guarantee. Let us know if you see a puppy you just can not live with out!!


goldendoodle puppies




goldendoodle puppy willa


goldendoodle puppy tex


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