Get Goldendoodles With a Health Guarantee

You may have some reservations about buying a Goldendoodle. It’s pretty clear why anyone would want a Goldendoodle. They’re in the running for cutest dog in the world. They’re also loving, friendly, smart, and loyal, and they make an ideal family pet. But even if you want to add a Goldendoodle puppy to your family, you may have concerns that are holding you back. Finding Goldendoodles with a health guarantee can help relieve some of those concerns.

The worst case scenario

What if your puppy is born with a potentially fatal birth defect, or has serious a congenital disease? These aren’t things that you want to think about, but they are valid concerns when buying Goldendoodle puppies, or any pet for that matter.

It would, of course, be tragic to lose a puppy that you’ve bonded with. That’s not the only problem, however. The cost of a Goldendoodle puppy is high enough that the financial aspect of losing your pet would also be troubling.

Our health guarantee

You can’t always predict health issues, and some illnesses aren’t always present at birth. This is why some Goldendoodle breeders refuse to take responsibility if their puppies develop health problems later in life.

We, however, do everything that we can to ensure our puppies are as healthy as possible. We stand behind the health and quality of our Goldendoodle puppies with a 2-year health warranty.

If your puppy dies of birth defects within 2 years, we will provide a replacement. There are specific terms and conditions that must be met.

Goldendoodles with a health guarantee

Goldendoodles are naturally healthy dogs. We raise ours with care, and give them the attention they need to ensure that they are as healthy as they can be. Our puppies get a clean bill of health from the vet before they ever leave our home. This is why we confidently  offer out 2-year health warranty.

Take a look at our available Goldendoodle puppies! Contact Platinum Goldies online, or call 501-514-1026, for more information about our puppies or for details about our 2- year health guarantee!