Five Ways to Make Walks More Fun for Your Dog

Walks are good for you — they improve your mental health and your physical health. Walking reduces stress, improves your mood, strengthens muscles, strengthens bones, improves balance, increases cardiovascular health, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Walking does the same thing for your dog, too!

While daily walks give you and your dog the opportunity to bond and help you stay happy and healthy, strolling the same loop day after day can get tedious. You’re less likely to take your dog for regular walks if you don’t enjoy your walks.

Here are a few ways to make walks more fun for you and your dog. Even if your dog hasn’t lost her enthusiasm for walking the beat, she will appreciate a fresh change of pace.

Explore a new area

A change of scenery is an easy way to bring new life to your daily walks. There are new sights and sounds, and your dog will enjoy exploring unfamiliar territory.

Get out in nature

Hiking is just walking in the woods. Find a dog-friendly hiking trail, make sure you have everything you need to hike with your dog, and hit the trail!

Choose a destination

Walking for the sake of walking is great for your health, but it isn’t very exciting. Having a destination — a place that you are walking to — will be a fun treat for your up.

Head to your favorite bakery that make pupcakes, or the coffee shop that has the best puppucinnos. Stroll to the dog park, or make a trip to the pet store.

Meet friends and family

If you have a Doodle, then your dog is a people-puppy. Doodle dogs are very social and they love people. The only thing that can make a walk better is getting to meet up with friends and family along the way. This is a real treat for friendly, family-loving dogs.

Walk with friends

Meet up with a friend or group of friends and walk your dogs together. This gives you a chance to chat with your people, and it gives your pet the opportunity to make some new friends.

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