Five Lifestyles for Goldendoodle Owners

There are lots of reasons to love a Goldendoodle puppy. They’re smart, they’re easy to train, and they may very well be the cutest dogs in the world! Goldendoodles are also highly adaptable dogs. They are easy-going and they adjust to many different lifestyles and living situations. Doodles love to romp around in a big backyard, but they can also live happy, healthy lives in smaller living spaces, such as apartments.

Here are a few examples of lifestyles that Goldendoodles will immediately love.

Outdoor enthusiasts

If you love camping, hiking, paddling, and enjoying the great outdoors, Goldendoodles are a great fit for your lifestyle. Goldendoodles are great swimmers, and they are athletic dogs that can keep up with you on the trails.

They’re intelligent dogs that are easy to train, and they prefer to stay close to their family. This makes it easy to keep them close to base camp.

Fitness fanatics

When your idea of a fun-filled weekend is a 5K and long bike ride, you need a dog that can keep up with your active lifestyle. While Goldendoodles have average exercise needs, they have the energy to keep pace on your morning jog or your after-dinner walk.


Goldendoodles love to run and play, but they’re also content relaxing with their humans. Maybe going for a jog sounds like a mild form of torture to you. Your idea of fun is relaxing on the sofa with a good book or watching a cinema classic with your family. This is a lifestyle that Goldendoodles can get behind.

Doodles are loving and affectionate dogs that simply enjoy being around their people.

Social butterflies

Outgoing and friendly people need an outgoing and friendly dog to match their lifestyle. Maybe you’re looking for a dog that you can take to the park or the farmer’s market, or a dog that you can just walk around town with.

Goldendoodles are very friendly dogs that love meeting new people and making new friends.

Home engineers

Some homes have an open door policy with people constantly coming and going. You entertain friends and relatives, and your home is the hangout for the neighborhood kids. Goldendoodles are perfect family dogs; they are sociable, they get along well with children, and they’re hypoallergenic — which is ideal for keeping your home nice and tidy.

Basically, Goldendoodles are the perfect dog! They are easy-going and they can adjust to many different lifestyles. We have Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Arkansas. Call 501-514-1026 or contact Platinum Goldies online for more information about our available Goldendoodle puppies.