Family Raised Goldendoodles Ready in Time for Christmas

Family Raised Goldendoodles Ready in Time for Christmas

Family Raised Goldendoodles Ready in Time for Christmas

Get to know your breeder

It’s incredibly important to make sure your Goldendoodle breeder socializes your puppy before they come to you.

Dogs need people and people need dogs. Period. The reason we crave their companionship is very evident. They LOVE us unconditionally. When we have a bad day, they are always there waiting to give us a big lick on the cheek. But, if a dog has not been socialized as a puppy, many times, they won’t be able to create this type of bond with their owner.

Socializing your puppy is just like raising a baby. Sometimes, babies won’t go to anyone, but Mama. You ask why? Well, that baby a lot of times has only been with their mama and that is their only comfort zone. Puppies are so comparable !!!! Puppies want attention from their “kennel mama” aka me.

Why is socialization important?

But, at Platinum Goldendoodles we make sure our puppies are super socialized not only to an adult (me) but to children. Luckily, my baby girl is 1 and loves our puppies so she has a ball and the puppies get lots of loves, squeals, and kisses! Not to mention, my best friends little girl loves on our puppies whenever she’s here! These little girls love going to see the puppies and the puppies love to see them come! This is so important in our breeding program. We want to send a well-socialized, pre-loved puppy to you!

Trust that your breeder is taking care of your puppy

Many people want to come to our farm to hand pick their Goldendoodle puppy. But, we do not allow that. Some may think it’s “sketchy” or we have something to hide. However, thar is FAR from the truth. Our facilities are very nice, clean, and professional. But, for the safety of our family and home we don’t allow outsiders to our farm. And, we MUST take extra cautions to protect our puppies. Puppies are that are too young to get vaccinated can get sicknesses very easily and we take every preventative we can take reassure that our babies stay strong and healthy. So, if we tell you “no”, when you ask to come to our home, it’s not because we are being mean or shady. We literally just want to take care of our puppies and make sure they stay healthy.

If you’re considering adding a pre-loved, pre-socialized and pre-spoiled Goldendoodle.

Give us a call! 501-514-1026 or hit “Contact us!”

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