F1b Goldendoodles | Non Shedding Goldendoodles |

F1b Goldendoodle Puppies are great for people with allergies

F1b Goldendoodles are wonderful dogs for families with allergies! This breed is the most hypoallergenic and Non-shedding breed on the market. The reason is they are great for people with allergies is; they have extremely low pet dander and shed little to none.

When picking your goldendoodle puppy consider the type of doodle your wanting. Are you wanting the curly- springy coat? Or the shaggy-wire coat? If you’re wanting the curly-q coat more than likely you’re going to want a f1b. Their hair is extremely curly and thick. This type of coat makes them the least shedding doodle on the market. We love both types of doodle, but it just depends on the preference of the buyer.

How does one take care of a f1b goldendoodles coat?

1) Brush their coat daily

2) Stay on a grooming schedule

3) Make sure when your doodle comes in from the rain you dry them with a towel.

These 3 easy steps will help your f1b goldendoodle looking sharp as ever!

If you’re wanting a f1b goldendoodle give the girls at Platinum Goldie’s a call!