What Are Doodle Dogs?

Doodle dogs are undeniably awesome, but what makes a doodle dog a doodle dog? The answer is pretty straightforward: a doodle dog has a poodle parent! We’re known for our Goldendoodles here at Platinum Goldies, but we breed other doodle dogs as well. Here is a bit of information about doodles that you might want to know!

What makes a doodle a doodle?

Doodle dogs are designer dogs sharing Poodle heritage. Any time that you hear “doodle” in the name, you know that there’s a Poodle in the mix.

Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Aussiedoodles are all types of doodle dogs.

There are other types of doodle dogs – such as the Bernedoodle – as well as other designer dogs with Poodle parentage that do not have “doodle” in the name. The Cockapoo, Schnoodle, and Maltipoo, for example, are part Poodle but they aren’t doodle dogs.

We are breeders that specialize in Goldendoodle puppies, but we also breed Aussiedoodle puppies and Labradoodle puppies, too!

What are doodles like?

With doodles you often get the best of both breeds. Goldendoodle puppies, for example, inherit the playful, loving, and cheerful temperament of a Golden Retriever and the intelligence and friendliness of a Standard Poodle.

Poodles are one of the smartest dogs on the planet, and they are easy to train. Trainability is another common doodle dog trait. Doodles are intelligent and eager to please, which makes training a relatively simple task.

Poodles are also hypoallergenic, which means that they are less likely to trigger allergic reactions than other types of dogs. Since doodles have a Poodle parent they often inherit this hypoallergenic trait, and have low-shedding or non-shedding coats. That means that doodles can be a great choice for people with pet allergies!

Bring your doodle home today!

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