What’s Your Dog’s Favorite Treat?

What's your Dogs Favorite Treat?Our furry family member Cowgirl, loves these Canine Carry Outs in the Beef Flavor. They are soft, easy to chew and very smelly!

We have used these great Dog Treats to help her in learning all kinds of tricks and to also help in potty training her. Cowgirl is Goldendoodle.

Have you ever wondered what kind of dog treats are used when showing dogs? Like the ones on TV?

Well, I have a friend who used to be in the dog showing world and last week we were discussing different ways of training dogs, etc. And he told me that those little treats are actually LIVER!

So, if you are interested in making your own doggy treats, that are FULL of protein, go get you some liver. Put the liver in a pot of hot water, boil it with a little garlic and thats it. When its done, take it out and cut it in small pieces and then store it in a container in your fridge.

What's your Dogs Favorite Treat?This is a great all natural dog treat, that is full of protein and bursting with flavor!

This is also a lot cheaper than store bought dog treats!

Please let us know what kind of treats your dog likes and also if you have heard of this LIVER thing…or Try it and let us know what you think..Cowgirl LOVES them!!