What is your choice in dog food?

What is your choice in dog food?


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I hope you have a had a great weekend. We have had a cold one! We are very ready for the nice spring like weather that is on it’s way this week! I know the puppies will like some outside time in the sunshine! Well, we have been getting a lot of questions on what is our puppies favorite treats and what kind of dog food do we start our puppies on. We love to give our puppies and grown dogs all natural “pig skins” they seem to love this treat and it helps their teeth become strong and it lets them release some of their chewy habits. We love to feed our puppies Purina Puppy Chow. Our vet, Dr. Jones, recommended we feed this and we really like. It helps the puppies transition from their mama’s milk to a dog food. The food is soft enough their little teeth can handle it, but it’s still a hard food. I hope this has helped with some of your questions. Now, I have a question for you… What is your dogs’ favorite dog treat?? Please comment under this blog and let us know so we can try some new things with our puppies and adult dogs. Go see their sweet faces at our available puppies page! 

Have a great Monday!!! ~Lynsey


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