Do You Really Need to Brush a Doodle Daily?

When people say that Doodle dogs are high maintenance, they are talking about their grooming needs. Doodles are easy going, fun-loving, and trainable dogs — they are one of the easiest dog breeds to own — but Doodle coats can quickly become tangled and matted if neglected. Many recommend that your brush your Doodle daily, but this may sound excessive to you. Is it true that you have to brush a Doodle every day?

How often should you brush a Doodle dog?

While it is possible to skip the occasional brushing and keep your Doodle’s coat beautiful, healthy, and tangle-free, the best way to avoid knots, tangles, and an impenetrable thicket of matted hair is by brushing your Doodles on a daily basis. This is true for dogs with short coats and long coats, but the mats are more noticeable on dogs with long coats.

Most Doodle dogs inherit the Poodle’s coat, which behaves more like hair than fur. These curly coats of fine hair tend to tangle and knot together. Brushing down to the skin every single day with a comb is the best way to remove these tangles before they become thick mats. If you neglect your dog’s coat for too long, these mats can’t be combed out; you have to cut them out.

You don’t even brush your own hair every day, how are you supposed to remember to brush your Doodle every day? Make daily brushing a habit. It is essential for preventing tangles. It also gives you an opportunity to bond with your dog.

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