Humans have hair and dogs have fur; it’s as simple as that, right? Why then do doting Doodle parents say that their Doodle has hair? Understanding whether Goldendoodles have hair or fur depends on understanding the difference between hair and fur.

Is there a difference between hair and fur?

The distinction between hair and fur can’t be justified by the difference in appearance or texture. For example, human hair comes in different colors, textures, thicknesses. Some people can grow their wavy hair to their toes, while others have trouble growing their tight curls past their shoulders. Some have thick, coarse hair while others have fine, thin locks.

Hair and fur are made of the same substance: keratin. This is the same stuff that makes up the skin, nails, claws, and horns. For this reason, some take the position that there is not a real difference between fur and hair; it’s an arbitrary classification. We simply choose to say that humans have hair and animals have fur.

Others say the difference between hair and fur is about the density of hair follicles. This doesn’t really work because humans have the same follicle density as many other animals that are said to have fur.

Gregory McNamee explains that the main distinction between hair and fur is the undercoat. Animals that have two layers of hair — the ground hair and guard hair — are said to have fur.

By this definition a dog has fur if it has both a layer of ground hair and a layer of guard hair. Some dogs do not have guard hair, and some do not have ground hair. Some dog breeds have almost no hair at all. Poodles have just a single layer of guard hair without a ground hair undercoat.

So do Goldendoodles have hair or fur?

Many Goldendoodles inherit the Poodle’s coat — a single layer of guard hair. However, Golden Retrievers have a double coat. It’s possible for Goldendoodles to inherit traits from both the Poodle and Golden Retriever, so it’s possible for your Goldendoodle to have a layer of ground hair in addition to a layer of guard hair.

So do Goldendoodles have hair or fur? The difference between hair and fur is usually determined by whether you’re talking about a human or an animal. However, people like to refer to non-shedding Doodle coats as hair rather than fur, and there appears to be some scientific reasoning for this.

Ultimately, the distinction isn’t as important as knowing how to care for your Goldendoodle’s coat. Whether you call it fur or hair, whether it’s curly or wavy, or whether it’s cream or phantom, Doodles have beautiful coats!

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