Desirable Goldendoodles

What makes a goldendoodle a desirable pet?

Goldendoodles are desirable pets because of their temperament and demeanor. As a breeder, we at Platinum Goldendoodles work on making sure our puppies have a good temperament before they go to their forever families. We cannot guarantee your puppy will be a lazy dog or a playful-hyper dog. We can guarantee your puppy has been well socialized and has been around people of different ages. We can guarantee your puppy is going to be smart and trainable. And we can guarantee you will be satisfied! Your puppy has been pre loved and is ready to learn and make a good companion for you.


Goldendoodles are bred to have minimal shedding and bred to be hypoallergenic. We work hard on making sure the puppies we are raising have wonderful coats and thick, healthy fur. For convenience and fewer allergic reactions, Goldendoodles are very desirable indeed.

Let’s face it, another reason that Goldendoodles are such highly desirable pets is that they are so dog-gone cute!


Our puppies turn into wonderful pets. With a little bit of work and a lot of love your doodle will be the most desired pup in the neighborhood!

If you’re in the market for a Goldendoodle, let us help you! Our Goldendoodles are pre-spoiled and well cared for, bred here on the farm, and come with a health guarantee.

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