Here is a quick history lesson for your Wednesday! Did you know that goldendoodles are often referred to as “designer breed dogs”? The reason that many people call the goldendoodle a designer breed dog is because the AKC doesn’t recognize this awesome breed as a “pure-bred” dog. Therefore, with the goldendoodle being 1/2 golden retriever and 1/2 poodle the term designer is often used. According to the goldendoodle is the number one designer breed dog on the market! The reason the goldendoodle is so popular is evident! They are very sweet dogs with lots of personality and charm, not to mention they are beautiful! We strive to better this breed with every litter of puppies we have at Platinum Goldies. The goldendoodle is not only a designer dog, but in our eyes, at the top of the charts on dog breeds! This breed is so versatile, too. They can be used as guide dogs, companion dogs, pets, therapy dogs, and can also be trained as a hunting dog. If you’re looking for a goldendoodle let us help you find the “designer dog” for you! Happy tails!

Goldendoodle Kid Rock

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