Curly Goldendoodle Puppies

curly goldendoodles


Are curly Goldendoodle puppies less likely to shed?


The answer is yes, although they can still shed some, it should be very low to non shedding for Goldendoodles that have more curl to their coats. Typically this cross is known as an F1b cross, which is a Goldendoodle that has been bred back to a Poodle. Not only are they less likely to shed, they are also more allergy friendly than other breeds. Due to the fact that they are three quarter Poodle, helps in both of these factors. As they get older their curls seem to come in thicker and therefore, they do tend to look more like the Poodle parent, which only makes sense. This cross is great for a family that suffers with allergies or they just don’t want she shedding in the home. F1b’s can come in a variety of sizes depending on the parents.

The F1b is a very popular cross, and we make sure to raise some with amazing coloring. Below you will find some F1b Goldendoodle puppies that we currently have available. If you don’t see the one you like below, check back with us as we have a younger litter that we will be posting soon. But for now click her to see all our available puppies!


f1b goldendoodle puppies for sale


f1b goldendoodle puppies


f1b goldendoodle puppies


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