Cmackadoodle the famous Goldendoodle

Cmackadoodle the famous Goldendoodle

cmackadoodle kahlua.

Cmackadoodle the Goldendoodle is at it again!

Cmackadoodle is one of our world famous Platinum Godlies goldendoodle puppies!

You just never know what this handsome guy is up too!

He is famous for dressing up to celebrate all kinds of things! He even loves to do look a like contest, and he is truly amazing at it! He is one loved goldendoodle,

and that makes all of us here at Platinum Goldies happy. It’s wonderful to know what loving homes  our goldendoodle puppies go to.  We want to ensure that our babies are taken

care of for life and loved like family. And there is NO doubt at all that Copper the now famous cmackadoodle, with his own instragram page of  over 400 followers, is just that! LOVED..

Mr. Cmackadoodle is raised in a home with 2 wonderful kids and a Momma that makes sure all her babies are LOVED.  If someone, wanted to know just how to spoil a goldendoodle puppy, they could

just call Coopers Mom…because she is all over it! He gets a bark box every month! Yes, every month. with new toys, treats, and all kinds of fun stuff! If you have a new puppy,  goldendoodle or not you can sign them up to get their own

bark box at . You can sign up for a one time try or monthly. Your dog will love you for it!

To show you just how spoiled and fun @cmackadoodle is, check out some more of his awesome photos! or you can follow with famous goldendoodle on instagram @cmackadoodle

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