Cmackadoodle celebrates Dr. Seuss Birthday!

goldendoodle dr seuss


Cmackadoodle celebrates Dr. Seuss Birthday!

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  Dr. Seuss would be 112 this year?

Our famous Goldendoodle @cmackadoodle was in full swing yesterday celebrating Dr. Seuss Birthday.

This fun loving goldendoodle knows all to well, how important it is to keep children entertained.  A  great Dr. Seuss book will do just that!

   Reading opens millions of doors of adventure and opportunity for children. Whether an adult reads to a child,  or a child is just learning to read, the sky is the limit.

Did you know that there are therapy dogs that help children learn to read?

Children get the opportunity to practice their reading skills in a relaxed and “dog friendly” environment.

Some children are self-conscious when reading aloud in a classroom. By allowing the student to read to a dog, it helps them to relax and focus more on reading.

By using therapy dogs in the classroom, a child will build self-esteem, and start associating reading as something fun and enjoyable.

Goldendoodles have great listening skills and love to be read too…as you can tell Cooper, is all about some Dr. Seuss.

Check out this link Dr. Seuss link for some fun activities for children!