Can You Prevent Dog Arthritis?

Dogs can develop arthritis just like people can. Arthritis can cause a lot of discomfort and have a negative affect on quality of life. It is a fairly common health condition in dogs, but it’s one that is difficult to identify. Typically, you notice that your dog has arthritis once the symptoms get bad enough; maybe your dog develops a limp, he whimpers while walking down stairs, or he can’t jump up on the bed like he used to do. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help prevent dog arthritis.

Stay active

Your dog needs to run and play every day. Get in the habit of taking your dog on daily walks, and take your dog to run around at the dog park or play fetch with your dog on a regular basis. Regular movement can help prevent injuries from inactivity.

Running and playing on soft surfaces — grass, dirt, and sand — is better for your dog’s joints than hard surfaces, like pavement or concrete. If your dog enjoys swimming, make sure he swims often as this is great exercise for the joints.

Eat healthy

You are what you eat. A healthy, nutritious diet promotes good health while a diet of junk makes your dog feel like junk. Your dog needs proper nutrients to ensure that his body operates as efficiently as possible. We feed our Doodles Royal Canin.

Manage a healthy weight

A healthy diet, eating the correct portion sizes, and staying physically active are the best way to maintain a healthy weight. This is true for people and pets.

Staying at a normal weight reduces the strain on your bones and joints, and it can help prevent musculoskeletal problems, such as arthritis.

Visit your vet

Your dog’s veterinarian is like your primary care doctor; they make sure that you are staying healthy, and they help you stay ahead of illness and disease. Don’t just take your dog to the vet if he eats some chocolate or he gets a splinter in his paw.

Take your dog to the vet at least once a year for an annual health check-up. This helps you make sure that your pet lives a long, healthy, and happy life.

What about dog joint supplements?

Supplements are tricky because there are lots of people who swear by them, but there is little evidence or support to say that they are effective.

Ask your vet if he or she recommends supplements for joint health. Joint supplements for dogs typically include omega acids and antioxidants, which could help reduce inflammation and prevent arthritis.

There isn’t literature that proves that joint supplements can prevent dog arthritis, but they could help.