Camping with Your Goldendoodle

Camping in the fall here in Arkansas is a little slice of heaven! Naturally, you’ll want to take your furry friend along. Camping with your Goldendoodle is a great opportunity to bond, to explore nature, and to help your pooch enjoy the great outdoors.

How big is your doodle?

Since Goldendoodles comes in different sizes, you have to think about the best accommodation for your pet. Your mini Goldendoodle might snuggle down in your sleeping bag with you, but a full-sized Goldendoodle may not fit in a one-person tent with you. Consider the size of your Goldendoodle when you choose a tent.

You should also think about the size of your dog when you purchase a leash, harness, or day pack for your foor-legged friend. You may need a sturdier leash if your Goldendoodle usually stays right with on walks in the city or the suburbs. The countryside may be more exciting, so a tougher lease might be required.

As for the day pack, it might sound funny, but plenty of pooches carry their own food, water, and dishes. Just measure your dog’s rib cage at the largest point to choose the right size. On the other hand, if you have a mini Goldendoodle, you might choose to carry your dog in a backpack.

Be prepared

Make sure that your dog is healthy enough for a hike. If you have a puppy or an old dog, check with your vet to make sure you can take your Goldendoodle camping safely. There’s a difference between car camping, where you drive into your camping space, and backpacking, where you might hike a long distance to reach your campsite.

Certainly, once you know how long the hike will be, make sure your Goldendoodle can walk that far. If not, work up to it.

You will have to be able to keep control over your dog on trails. If you take your dog on a leash and you know she’ll jump on other hikers or tangle with dogs and horses on the trail, do some obedience training work before you set out. Goldendoodles are smart and friendly, but be honest with yourself, too — some dogs are happier at the campsite than on the trail.

You might also have a backyard sleep out before you go camping. If your kids haven’t camped out before, they’ll benefit from a trial run, too. Crying and howling in the middle of the night doesn’t add to the experience.

Pack it out

Collect poop and pack it out. Take a super strong ziplock bag to collect your smaller bags and make sure to take it home with you.

Check the regulations

State and national parks usually have specific rules about dogs, and your Goldendoodle is no exception. Find our what the laws are at your destination before you go to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you arrive.

So many Goldendoodle owners have found that their pets enrich their outdoor experiences! A little preparation makes it work.