Buying a goldendoodle during the summer |Raising your goldendoodle puppy |

Buying a goldendoodle during the summer |Raising your goldendoodle puppy |

Are you considering buying a Goldendoodle puppy this summer ?

Many people may think that having a puppy during the summer months will be more stressful, but actually, that’s far from true! There are many positives in having a puppy during the summer month.

Puppies are easier to potty train when the weather is nice. Potty training during the winter months sometimes seem a little more difficult for owners, only because puppies tend to want to potty on dry grass. During the winter there is often rain or snow, which makes it less pleasant for your puppy to want to use the potty outside.

Schedule during the summer months are often less pressing. The kids are out of school and summer break has began! Having a puppy around can help keep the kids entertained and create lots of fun memories for your family! There is nothing better than raising your babies and the family dog together!

By the time the crazy months of the holiday season rolls around, your puppy will be acclimated to your home and family! Your goldendoodle puppy will be potty trained and will be ready to learn many more tricks! If you’re considering a goldendoodle but worry that summer time isn’t the best time. Think, again!

Let the girls a Platinum Goldendoodles help you find the perfect pup for you!

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