Are Smart Dogs Harder to Train?

You may have heard stories about highly intelligent dogs that outfox their owners. They sneak out of backyards, or break into refrigerators. They dart off every chance they get, or they are just generally “untrainable”. So is it true that smart dogs are harder train?

Do you really mean obedient?

Don’t confuse trainable and obedient.

When people say that smarter dogs are harder to train, they might actually mean that smarter dogs get into more trouble, or they act out more often.

The knock out combination is a highly intelligent dog that has lots of energy. These dogs are less content to sit around, and they are smart enough to find ways to entertain themselves — sometimes this means going off on an adventure, or getting into things they aren’t supposed to get into.

If you have a dog with lots of energy and high physical activity needs, it’s important to help your pet unload that excess energy. Go for walks, jogs, runs, or hikes. Play fetch and find ways to satisfy your dog’s activity needs. This can help prevent your dog from getting bored and into trouble.

Are smart dogs harder to train?

It’s not just a matter of intelligence. Smart dogs and less intelligent dogs can be trained. Smart dogs and less intelligent dogs can be disobedient.

Whether or not a dog is trainable depends on other factors, too.

Some dogs have a strong desire to make their owners happy. Dogs that want to please their people are more likely to respond to commands than dogs that aren’t motivated by making their human happy.

It also depends on the type of training they get, and on how well they are trained.

Many dogs are smart and trainable

Goldendoodles are loyal, intelligent dogs that are motivated by making their humans happy. Poodles and Golden Retrievers — which combine to produce a Goldendoodle — are both highly intelligent dog breeds. This means that Goldendoodles are fast learners.

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