Are Goldendoodles Smart?

Are Goldendoodles smart? We say yes, from all the wonderful Goldendoodle puppies we’ve had the privilege of raising over the years. We’ve found them bright, easy to train, and just full of personality!

That’s certainly true of this handsome member of the Goldendoodles of Instagram!

Neuropsychologist Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs includes a list of about 80 dogs in order from smartest to least intelligent. #2 is the poodle. #4 is the Golden Retriever. So it’s no surprise that Goldendoodles are among the best and brightest dogs.

What does it mean to say that a dog is smart?

Smart dogs are easy to train. Dr. Coren says that a smart dog can learn 165 words,but other experts say that some dogs may be able to learn as many as 250 words. Your dog will not pick up words as easily as you or your children, so you’ll need to make the effort to teach your dog words and signs.

But you’ll find that your Goldendoodle is eager to learn. Your puppy wants to please you and make you happy, so you’ll find that training can be a fun bonding time.

Learning easily is not the only way to measure a dog’s intelligence. A smart dog may be a good problem solver, and of course some dogs have been bred for centuries for certain kinds of skills. Both Golden Retrievers and poodles were originally bred as hunting dogs.

Are big Goldendoodles smarter?

A lot of people think that big dogs are smarter than small ones. Maybe this is because big dogs have bigger heads (and bigger bodies), so they also have bigger brains.

Goldendoodles come in several different sizes, so you might wonder whether a smaller Goldendoodle will have less brain power than a bigger one.

Actually, dogs of any size use a lot of their brains for smelling, seeing, moving, and other basic functions, just the way people do. And just as with people, a lot of dogs’ brains don’t get as much use as they could. At any size, Goldendoodles can learn a lot, and they enjoy being challenged. They also enjoy being rewarded with your attention.

Big, medium, or small, your Goldendoodle will get a kick out of showing off and making you smile!

Small or mini Goldendoodles from Platinum Goldies run 25-30 pounds. Since there’s no such thing as a miniature Golden Retriever, a mini Goldendoodle gets an extra helping of poodle. Medium Goldendoodles run 35-45 lbs when they’re full grown, and Standard Goldendoodles reach 55-70 lbs at maturity.

Feel free to pick the size of Goldendoodle that’s best for you considering how big your home is and how you like to spend your time. Your Goldendoodle will be smart and trainable at any size.

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