Are Goldendoodles High Maintenance?

Goldendoodles are quickly becoming one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, both of which are in the top 10 most popular dogs. Goldendoodles are known for their lovely appearance and loving disposition, but is it easy to care for a Goldendoodle?

Are Goldendoodles high maintenance?

Goldendoodles are healthy dogs with average exercise needs, and they adjust well to a variety of lifestyles and living situations.

One of the reasons that people say Goldendoodles are high maintenance is because of their coats. Goldendoodle coats do require time and attention, but it’s easy to manage and maintain a Goldendoodle’s coat with regular grooming.

Overall, Goldendoodles are low maintenance dogs that are ideal for first time dog owners.

Exercise needs

Daily exercise is important for a dog’s health in the same way that it’s important for a person’s health.

You can meet your Goldendoodle’s exercise needs by taking her on daily walks; this helps your dog stay healthy and helps you reach your daily step count at the same time!

Energy level

Goldendoodles are energetic dogs — they can run and play with the best of them. However, Goldendoodles adapt to their situation and their environment. If your family prefers relaxing indoors more than going for hikes in the woods, your Goldendoodle can adjust to your family’s lifestyle.

Goldendoodles enjoy curling up on the couch just as much as they enjoy games of fetch in the yard.


Goldendoodles are smart and loyal dogs that are eager to please. Goldendoodle puppies learn commands quickly and are generally easy to train.

Can you leave a Goldendoodle alone?

Some dogs can’t be left alone for extended periods of time; they get anxious or act out. This is not the case with Goldendoodles.

Goldendoodles do well with crate training, or they can nap the day away in the backyard while you’re at work.

Grooming needs

Goldendoodles are low maintenance dogs, but they do require regular grooming. Consider professional grooming at least twice a year, and keep up with grooming in between visits.

Brushing daily is best, but you can get by with weekly brushing for some Goldendoodles; the longer and curlier the coat, more you often you should brush your Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodle hair grows up to eight inches in length if left unclipped. You must occasionally trim the hair around the eyes and mouth, and between the pads on the paws.

Monthly bathing works for most Goldendoodles.

Health problems

Goldendoodles are generally healthy dogs. They may develop elbow or hip dysplasia as they get older, but Goldendoodles aren’t more likely to develop these health issues than other dogs of this size.


Goldendoodles are loving and affectionate dogs. They have a high level of emotional intelligence. While they love to give and receive attention, they do not require a high level of attention.

Goldendoodles are docile, easy-going dogs. A properly socialized Goldendoodles gets along well with everyone; young children, strangers, and other animals.

Goldendoodle puppies in Arkansas

Goldendoodles are low maintenance dogs that adjust well to different living situations. They are a great option for first time dog owners.

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