Are Goldendoodles Easy to Train?

Are Goldendoodles easy to train? The short answer is yes. Of course, the short answer never tells the whole story. In reality, the real answer to this question depends on lots of factors. While Goldendoodles are highly trainable, there are a few things that influence how easy it is to train them.

The long answer to the question

Asking whether Goldendoodles are easy to train is kind of like asking if people are good at learning new things — that depends.

It depends on what they’re trying to learn, how they’re learning that information, and the quality of instruction. It also depends on the individual.

The same is true for training dogs — Goldendoodles or otherwise. There are many factors that can influence how quickly and easily a dog can be trained.

  • Are you good at training dogs?
  • Will your dog go through training classes?
  • What are you training your Goldendoodle to do? Sit, stay, and heel? Hunt? Pull a sled? Guard your home from intruders?

You must also remember that different dogs have different personalities. Some dogs — even if they are of a trainable dog breed — learn faster and retain training better than others.

That being said, Goldendoodles are considered a trainable dog breed that’s easy to train.

What makes Goldendoodles easy to train?

It all starts with the parentage. Goldendoodles are a mix of Poodle and Golden Retriever. Both Poodles and Golden Retreivers are intelligent and highly trainable dog breeds. This trait carries over to Goldendoodle puppies, too!

Goldendoodles are smart dogs and quick learners. They remember training and commands with little effort.

They’re also a loving and loyal dog breed. Doodle dogs are eager to please, and they love making their humans happy. Goldendoodles naturally focus on their people, which is essential for training.

They also have a high level of emotional intelligence, which means that they easily read verbal and non-verbal cues. The result of these characteristics is that Goldendoodles are relatively easy to train.

Start training your own Goldendoodle puppy!

Goldendoodles are easy to train, which is just one of the many reasons they make great family dogs and excellent dogs for first-time owners. We are responsible breeders of Goldendoodles and other Doodle dogs based in Arkansas. Take a look at our currently available puppies for sale. Call 501-514-1026 or contact Platinum Goldies online for more information!