Are Automatic Dog Feeders Needed ?

automatic dog feeders

Automatic Dog Feeder


Are Automatic Dog Feeders needed?

The answer is yes, and below are some reasons why feeding your dog at the same time every day matters.

  1. It GREATLY helps with potty training, because it gets your new puppy on a set schedule. Typically a puppy with go potty 15-30 minutes after eating
  2. It helps your puppy get used to eating at a certain time, and therefore you can monitor how much they are eating.
  3. With multiple dog households where all dogs have access to the food sources, it can help prevent obesity. (since you are controlling how much each dog gets and they can’t eat someone else’s portion)
  4.  Prevents middle of the night potty accidents (also pulling their water bowl early is a great way to help with this)
  5. Allows you to easily add medication/supplements to their food.