Adding a Goldendoodle to Your Family

Adding a Goldendoodle to Your Family

Adding a Goldendoodle to your family is a big commitment!

Some people consider a new puppy as much work as a new baby… Both can include sleepless nights and many early mornings.

When getting a new puppy you should be prepared to have your life changed, but in a good way! As with most life changing decisions,  you will have to do some preparing for your new furry companion. You will need to consider how you are going to potty train your new fur baby, how you will sleep train, and what food you’re going to feed the newest member of your family. By thinking about these decisions ahead of time, you will feel more prepared and the transition between homes will be much easier for your Goldendoodle puppy.

By being a “realist” when it comes to raising your new puppy you will save yourself the time and worry. What do I mean by “being a realist”? Well, let’s be real! Do you have time for this big commitment? Are you able to give your new puppy the love and attention it needs? Or are you too busy at the office, running kids from soccer to baseball, and seeing to a dozen different errands? If you’re always away from home, you have to consider that in the meantime your sweet puppy will be at home alone.

These are things to consider before making the life-changing choice of getting a puppy. If you have considered the commitment and realized you can make this work, you won’t be disappointed. The love and companionship that a Goldendoodle puppy will bring to your life is indescribable.

You may have days where you think to yourself “WHY OH WHY” did I take on this commitment? But, at the end of the day when your puppy is past the crying at night and pottying in the floor, you will end up THANKING yourself. The love that Goldendoodles give is truly priceless. This breed has such sweet souls.


We would love to help you make the “big plunge” into becoming a Goldendoodle owner. If you are ready for the commitment and the reward, please give us a call and let us help you start this amazing journey today! To see the beautiful litter we have available now, please click the link “Available Puppies”.

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