A Secure Ride for Your Goldendoodle

When you see a dog with its head sticking out the car window, its tongue and jowls flopping in the wind as it races down the highway, the image often brings a smile to your face. At least it does at first. However, something terrible could happen to any dog left unsecured in the car.

Goldendoodles become important members of our families. We shouldn’t allow our children to jump from the window on one side of the car to the other as we drive seventy miles down the road. Why would we let the canine member of our family? 

Accidents happen. In the same manner we secure ourselves in the car with a seatbelt, our Goldendoodles should be riding just as securely. A dog left free in the car can distract the driver, jump out the window, or even be hit by a rock that fell off the dump truck in front of you. We want our loved ones to be safe. It should be no different for our Goldendoodles.

Seatbelts for your Goldendoodles

When a parent puts a toddler in the backseat of the car, she makes certain he is secured in the proper safety equipment. There are many manufacturers of child safety gear for traveling in cars. It may come as a surprise to you, but there are also many options available to keep your Goldendoodles safe and secure.

Seatbelts for dogs are a thing. Brands such as SlowTon, Dogit, KONG, FurHaven, and Frisco are just a few of the selections available to you. As a bonus, the safety of your companion is reasonably priced in the $15-$35 range. 

Some of the designs include harnesses that keep your Goldendoodle from roaming around the car. Some of the harnesses also connect directly to a leash so you’re not changing harnesses when you go on road trips. You wear a seatbelt for your safety; so should your Goldendoodle.

Crates provide additional security

You want your companion to be safe as you travel, but you also want him to be comfortable. The seatbelts mentioned earlier are often adjustable, giving your Goldendoodle enough give to lie down on the seat. But what about crates and carriers? The options available here are just as numerous, if not more so, than seatbelts.

A4Pet makes a carrier with a steel frame and removable plastic cover. It folds up and can be transported easily. Gunner makes travel kennels that are crash-tested and proven to save a dog’s life. Another brand of kennel that has a strong safety record is Ruff Land.

Some scary statistics

Letting your dog ride unsecured in your vehicle puts it at an unnecessary risk for serious injury or worse. According to the Humane Society of the United States, an estimated 100,000 dogs are killed each year riding in truck beds. 

Securing your dog in a crate or kennel inside the vehicle—or secured by a seatbelt—protects your companion. When you’re heading to the lake for an afternoon of fun with your Goldendoodle, make sure he arrives safely.