6 Common Doodle Grooming Mistakes

Doodle dogs are known for their thick, fluffy coats. This is especially true for F1b Doodles, which are more likely to inherit a Poodle’s curls. But while all Doodle dogs have great hair, they do require a certain amount of upkeep and grooming. The good news is that they are easy to groom as long as you stay on top of basic maintenance. Avoid these common Doodle grooming mistakes.

Most common Doodle grooming mistakes

All dogs need a certain amount of bathing, brushing, and general grooming. However, some dogs need more grooming than others. The key to maintaining your Doodle’s appearance is dialing in the right routine.

Bathing too often

You can actually wash your Doodle too much. Bathing your dog too frequently can dry out the skin and damage your dog’s coat. A monthly bath is fine for most Doodle dogs.

Washing without brushing

Another common Doodle grooming mistake is giving your dog a bath without brushing first. Small tangles can quickly become large mats and knots in soapy bath water. Always brush your doodle before and after bath time.

Not enough brushing

As a general rule, the longer your Doodle dog’s hair, the more frequently he needs to be brushed. Ideally, you brush your Doodle every single day. Daily brushing is the best way to prevent mats and tangles.

If that’s not an option for your busy family, brush your dog thoroughly at least once a week. The more often you brush your Doodle, the better.

Just brushing the top

You need to brush your Doodle’s coat down to the skin — not just the top or ends of the coat. It’s common to see Doodles that have well-brushed ends, but mats close to the skin. These mats can be difficult or impossible to brush out over time, and the only way to remove them is by cutting off your dog’s beautiful locks.

Neglecting the nails

This is a common grooming mistake that applies to all dog breeds. Clip your dog’s nails at least once a month. Take your dog for daily walks on hard, rough surfaces (sidewalks, trails, pavement, etc.) to keep his nails filed in between clippings.

Skipping professional grooming

It’s recommended that you take your Doodle in for professional grooming at least once or twice a year. This helps make sure that those difficult or hard to reach places — between the pads, in the ears, and the sanitary area — get the attention that they need.