5 Things to Know About Goldendoodle Temperament

A dog’s temperament refers to the basic behaviors or traits of that dog. Different traits are associated with different dog breeds, so what is a Goldendoodle temperament like? Goldendoodles are perfect for first-time dog owners, and they make wonderful family pets. Here’s why.

Goldendoodles are playful

Most puppies enjoy playing when they are young, but many dogs grow out of their playful stage early on. This isn’t true of Goldendoodles, however. Goldendoodles love to play, and they are great dogs for families who live an active lifestyle.

Goldendoodles are loving

They want to be close to family members and they enjoy cuddling. Goldendoodles are kind, affectionate, and they love being around their people!

Goldendoodles are friendly

If you’re looking for a sociable dog, Goldendoodles are the perfect dog for you. They love being around people and they tend to do well with strangers. Goldendoodles are a great choice if you want a dog that you can take to the dog park, parties, or events.

Goldendoodles are smart

A Goldendoodle is part Poodle and part Golden Retriever: two of the smartest dog breeds. This intelligence makes Goldendoodles easy to train. It also means that they adapt well. They can live in small houses and apartments. And while they fit in well with active families, they don’t require an excessive amount of physical activity if you prefer leisurely hobbies.

Goldendoodles are loyal

This is another reason why Goldendoodle puppies are easy to train. Goldendoodles are eager to please. It also means that when you bring a Goldendoodle into your family, you have a loving, loyal companion for life.

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