10 Games to Play with Your Goldendoodle

Golkdendoodles are happy, loving dogs. They are also smart and curious, so they need entertainment. Combine these two Goldendoodle traits and you clearly need plenty of games you can play with your Goldendoodle. Here are 10 games to play with your Goldendoodle at home or out and about.

1. Fetch is a classic game to play with your pup – have your goldendoodle bring a ball or frisbee back to you when you throw it.
2. Hide-and-seek is a great way to get them to use their senses and problem-solve. Just hide and let your Goldendoodle search for you.
3. Agility courses can be physically and mentally challenging for your dog. Basically, you set up an obstacle course and let your dog run through it. Whether this means moving your patio chairs around or you choose to set up something more permanent, this can be a lot of fun.
4. Swimming is a natural for Goldendoodles. If your local pool allows doggy swimming, take advantage! In warmer weather, a pond or water hole is a great choice.
5. Flyball – teach your dog to jump over hurdles as a team
6. Trick training is perfect for the intelligent and obedient Goldendoodle. You can teach your pup how to do some fun tricks like shaking hands or rolling over.
7. Puzzle searching – hide treats in cardboard boxes or other puzzles and watch them figure out how to find the reward
8. Doggy tag is a fun twist on the classic game. You can turn tag into an interactive game with you and your pooch.  This can be great exercise for your whole family, too!
9. Socializesocialization with other dogs is also important for your dog’s development. You can get together with other dog owners for play dates at the park.
10. Nosework is an excellent way to develop and strengthen your dog’s natural scent detection abilities. Nosework is a sport and can be done competitively with lots of rules. However, you an also just show your Goldendoodle a highly scented object, hide it, and enjoy the search together.

Goldendoodles are an intelligent breed of dog that need to be mentally stimulated and exercised in order to stay happy and healthy. To keep your Goldendoodle engaged and entertained, it makes sense to try lots of different activities. No matter what activities you choose to do with your Goldendoodle, it is important to make sure they are getting the physical and mental stimulation they need. A well-exercised pup is a happy pup!